XV is a Hip-hop artist from Wichita, Kansas. A self-proclaimed computer nerd, XV always wanted to write comics and make movies as a kid. But after visiting California with his Dad, who worked at Solar Records, he knew he wanted to make music. Starting off his professional rap career at the age of 15, Donavan Johnson gave himself the rap name, "XV", based on the roman numerals of his age. He released his first album, "The Legacy", while still in high school. These school years would prove to be pivotal, helping create the lyrical soundscape that XV connected to so many listeners through. Always stressing the importance of being yourself, no matter your surroundings or environment. XV embraced the "cool geek" in himself which allowed him to tap into a fan base that many Hip-Hop artists have never spoken to. In 2010, XV signed a major recording deal with Warner Bros. Records, the first rap artist ever to get signed from his city. For those who followed XV’s career, his Warner Bros. deal was the moment where it appeared he would finally cross over to a bigger platform. The popularity of the Wichita MC seemed to be reaching an all time high, but nothing happened. With no major label debut in sight, XV decided to take a much needed break and disconnect from the world he was immersed in. 5 years later, XV returns with a new album, "The Dude With The Strap Back Dad Hat" for fans to hear the journey from the kid with the green backpack' to this dude with a strap back dad hat.