Editor: The Joy of Violent Movement

William Ruben Helms is Corona, Queens, NYC-born and-based African American music journalist, freelance writer, editor, photographer, and founder of the D.I.Y., independent music and photography site, The Joy of Violent Movement. Over the course of the past two decades, his writing and photography has been published in Downbeat, Premier Guitar (photography), Consequence, The Inventory, Glide Magazine.com (words and photography), Publisher’s Weekly, Sheckys.com, Shecky’s Bar and Nightlife Guide, New York Press, Ins&Outs Magazine (photography and writing), Dish Du Jour Magazine, Aussie music publication Musicology.xyz (photography) and countless others, including his own site.With The Joy of Violent Movement, Helms specializes in covering music with an eclectic, globe-trotting and genre-defying perspective that’s deeply inspired and informed by his birthplace and home, arguably one of the most diverse places in the world. Since its founding back in 2010, The Joy of Violent Movement can claim readers across the US, Canada, the UK, The Netherlands, France, Australia, and several other countries throughout its history.