adverb  in, at, or to some other place

pronoun  some other place

For all of history, artists have helped society explore the ‘what if’ and ‘what else’ questions that help us challenge the way things are and imagine new possibilities. 

Elsewhere is based in Wichita, Kansas — not in the large music industry hubs, but in the often-overlooked space in between.  

Too many incredible musicians are from the glamor-less cities and towns across America, and the way the music industry has been set up makes many artists feel like they have to relocate (leaving the support of their local scenes) to have a successful career in music. 

What some people deem the middle of nowhere, we see as the heart of Elsewhere.

Somewhere Else:

Elsewhere is an invitation to imagine a new landscape for the music industry.

What if the industry wasn’t driven by corporate profit? 

What if its method wasn’t exploitation? 

What if artists could be the owners of their art — the creative aspects of making it and the monetary returns when they share it with the world?

Elsewhere Fest is part of a larger movement gaining momentum across the nation challenging music industry standards by imagining and building new alternative pathways to growth for independent musicians and music workers. 

As part of the larger movement started through initiatives like NIVA, D Tour, and Midtopia, Elsewhere Fest is a physical manifestation of an alternative to what currently exists.

Together we can imagine, experiment, and explore new ideas that push artistic boundaries and nurture community and collaboration. 

Another Place:

Elsewhere Fest is an opportunity to escape the consumerist confines of our everyday lives and step into a place of otherworldly imagination. 

We’ll be showcasing a lineup of musicians we know you’ll love, providing safe spaces for open conversation to imagine new possibilities in the arts, giving time and space to diversity of thought and art, and offering attendees the opportunities to go deeper into industry ideation & innovation through conference sessions with various music industry professionals. 

The bottom line is that at nearly every level, the music industry is leaving something to be desired for its artists, workers, and music fans because it wasn’t built to serve them. We’re building something different. 

Musicians and music lovers who don’t live in one of the few major cities in the nation still deserve to be heard/to hear incredible music at a festival that dares to be more. That doesn’t mean the lineup for Elsewhere Fest doesn’t boast names you know — it means we’re bringing them to you here in the middle.

You can be a part of not just imagining new possibilities, but building new realities. Come experience the open horizons of something new in the heart of elsewhere.