Where does one begin when describing boundary shattering indie artist MX vs. The Railroad Industry? First off, yes, that is his name, and there is a backstory to that.  But before diving into his past, we must first discuss the present and his most recent album Neotraditional, a pensive, self-made effort that helps both artist and listener find who they are.

“I’ve dealt with a bit of an identity crisis lately,” said MX vs. The Railroad Industry.  “This album was the result of a lot of self-reflection over the past year or so.”

After breaking up with his band in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas, MX vs. The Railroad Industry was left “scrambling” to figure out where he was headed next with his life.  Some relationships dissolved when friends showed their true colors, but others got stronger; several songs on Neotraditional are dedicated to his new wife Katie.  Lots of things have been happening in the life of MX vs. The Railroad Industry — evidenced by track titles like “Impostor Syndrome” and “Chaos” — and it’s clear that music is his best outlet for his emotions.

Not only is music the best outlet for his emotions, but it’s a great way to showcase his many talents.  Max, the man behind MX vs. The Railroad Industry, has been playing guitar for 13 years and currently studies audio production at Wichita State University.  He wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered every track on Neotraditional, which proves that his skills extend beyond the microphone and the stage and into the engineer’s chair.  

His stage name (which he describes as “quite a mouthful and pretty odd”) is derived from something that hits pretty close to home, quite literally.

“When I started writing and releasing music under that name, I was living in a spot that was surrounded by train tracks, and I couldn’t go anywhere without getting stopped by trains,” said MX vs. The Railroad Industry.  “So I took it upon myself to spread hatred for the inconvenience of the railroad industry.”

Let’s just say that MX vs. The Railroad Industry is on track to achieve great things.  He’s constantly working on new music, whether that be recording a riff or chord progression or tweaking a mix, and he’s got several projects locked and loaded with some up and coming indie stars.  While details on his future releases may remain limited, excitement is through the roof for all that MX vs. The Railroad Industry has to offer for the world.

- Will Conybeare