Lead vocalist and primary lyricist Annie Palmer (they/them), aka Annie Adams of Remains to be Seen , prefers you think again before referring to MILKWAVE as a 'female-fronted' band.

"I'm queer as queer as can be and I think my lyrics reflect that. I take a lot of inspiration from Tori Amos, Kurt Cobain and David Bowie"

Palmer uses their vocals to say what they mean and fill in the space where you might expect electric guitars or keys. They like surprising people. 

Bassist and vocalist Matthew Wiseman (he/him) uses a thirty two inch (medium scale) aluminum neck bass guitar run in stereo, to both a 1600 watt solid state bass amp, and a EL84 vacuum-tube powered guitar amplifier. This setup is a pillar of the band's sound.

Wiseman is known for many legendary bands including Ricky Fitts - but he cautions, "I'd prefer people listen to the music I'm currently making - anything old to me is embarrassing."

Drummer Brandon LaBarge (he/him) counts Killed by Robots and Dead Orchestra as two of his favorite former bands. When asked what MILKWAVE sounds like he suggests' "Tori Amos meets Deftness maybe" to which Wiseman adds, "A mix between The B-52's and King Woman!"

LaBarge creates unique beats blended dynamically with huge waves of fills and crashes, providing a base for and atmosphere to the music.