Fondly referred to as “the people’s DJ” by his most loyal fans, Le Youth is unapologetically himself and fearless when challenging the status quo. His debut album Reminders was released in May 2022 and since it’s release has gone on to be streamed over 22.1 million times. Le Youth has firmly established himself as a creative force and just announced his anticipated sophomore album, ABOUT US, releasing on September 29, 2023. 

The album features everything you'd expect from Le Youth, with breezy melodies, rich production and incredible vocal performances. The album features collaborations with the likes of Jodie Knight, Fractures, Bailey as well as label head Lane 8 who collaborated with Wes on ‘I Will Leave a Light On'. It’s a real statement of intent for Wes, not only sonically, but also on the live front as he embarks on his most ambitious tour to date. A 30-date tour across North America bringing his In The Round show to select iconic venues.

ABOUT US is an all-encompassing statement, one that over the past year has grown into so much more than a collection of songs. This statement is deeply rooted in Le Youth's mantra and show experience, breaking down the barrier between artist and fan. He has also curated an entire 360° show concept to go along with the album, ‘In The Round’, that has him fully immersed in the crowd. “It’s not about me, it’s about us,” he passionately states, accentuating that without you, Le Youth wouldn’t and couldn’t be who/what it is today.