Jessie Hartke is an independent music advocate and entrepreneur focused on creating and expanding an inclusive, sustainable, and decentralized music industry in the Midwest and beyond. Along with life and business partner, Adam, her passion remains striving for positive social impacts in all endeavors. As an expert in the independent music business, Hartke’s championing of the live music industry in the face of peril at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic remains fundamentally important to her ongoing work. She serves as co-owner and partner of Hartke Presents, WAVE, and The Cotillion as well as CCO of D Tour, the nation’s first coast to coast tour booking collective consisting solely of independent venues. Hartke is also co-director of Midtopia, a non-profit entity focused on creating support systems and infrastructure for the development and growth of the Wichita music industry. With a focus on growing a network of independent artists, venues, promoters, she envisions a more collaborative environment where individuals retain more power over their own destiny by working more closely to build a new industry from the ground up.