Harvester Arts builds the creative capacity of the community through arts experimentation, public art projects, artist residencies, and professional development for artists.

Harvester Arts launched in February of 2014 to provide the local community access to the working processes of professional, nationally and internationally recognized artists through programming of exhibitions and creative events. Since then, we’ve hosted over 21 resident artists and partnered those with over 55 local Satellite Artists, and involved hundreds of community members as volunteers and collaborators.

Harvester Arts aims to inspire passion about the ideas and processes of artists to demonstrate the catalytic power of creative action. Increased critical thinking and involvement in the arts leads to a public that has agency and motivation in other facets of our community.

Harvester Arts supports local artists through professional development including project development, grant consulting, and the Artist Inc program. Projects such as the Community Fellows Program and Gallery Place Project focus on impacting the community through creative involvement and intervention and works to create a sense of pride and belonging in our city while engaging, training and paying local artists to activate underutilized spaces.