Few bands out there bring to the table an energy and presence as palpable as that of Montana’s Gilda House. Whether it be on stage or on repeat through your headphones, the music of this Billings-based, electronic-tinged indie-pop trio is electrifying in a way that few other acts can compare. Initially formed in 2019 as the solo project of lead vocalist songwriter Meg Gildehaus (of which the band gets its namesake) Gilda House eventually blossomed into a full-fledged trio, tapping musicians Nick Miles and Tony Morales on drums and guitars/synths, respectively. Already renowned in the Billings scene as one of its most enthralling and entertaining live acts, and having its new EP, Be Edise, on the horizon, Gilda House is poised to be your next big obsession. Broadly speaking, Be Edise is a culmination of everything that Gilda House has accomplished in the past several years, featuring six of the band’s most varied and visceral tracks yet. Besides showcasing an intricate tapestry of sound weaving together everything from indie-pop to synth-wave to trip-hop and everything in between, Be Edise marks the point where Gilda House comes into its own as a cohesive unit. Thematically, Be Edise is the inverse of 2021’s AB Side A, exploring various intimate experiences with the largest brushstrokes possible. Whereas AB: Side A looks outward, Be Edise is about taking action and creating meaning by looking inward, particularly from Meg Gildehaus’ perspective as a young adult woman living within our deeply flawed society. Mixed by Grammy-nominate producer Alex Newport, each of the EP’s six tracks radiates with character and purpose, whether that be in the ethereal calm of “Secrets” to the propulsive, determined energy of synth-pop banger “When It Is Raining”. Tying them all together is the core philosophy behind Be Edise – the notion that meaning and purpose can be derived from our decisions, regardless of scope, and be the vessel for meaningful change. Having already established itself as a mainstay of Billings’ closely knit indie/DIY scene, performing alongside beloved locals as well as international sensations, Gilda House is an absolute powerhouse live. Fresh off its third consecutive year playing Treefort Music Festival and with the addition of Be Edise to the trio’s repertoire, Gilda House are poised to up the ante of its already spectacular live show to the next level. In just a few years, Gilda House went from what initially was a humble product of an artist’s boundless creativity and their personal computer to a cohesive, fully realized band. With Be Edise Gilda House is on the cusp of something truly tremendous and ready to conquer the world.