International Music Business Consultant

Gary thrives on connecting people and fostering success in the music industry. A global consultant, non-profit board member, and startup co-founder, his passion fuels his diverse work.Currently, Gary's expertise benefits established and emerging players. He's the Regional Director (North America) for Kea, a New Zealand organization connecting businesses to the US market. He also advises Kids Rock for Kids, a Brooklyn non-profit, using music to empower youth.Previously, Gary led international music initiatives at Mondo NYC and the New Zealand Music Commission. He served as Director of International Music Business at Mondo and spearheaded the Outward Sound music export program in New Zealand.Beyond companies, Gary works on his startup, focussed on supporting self-managed musicians, and advises established artists like Arjuna Oakes, The Sixsters, The Only Bay, and the Madam Bombs. His problem-solving skills, a keen eye for opportunities, and talent for building relationships make him an invaluable connector, driving success for those in his network.