For all of history, artists have helped society explore the ‘what if’ and ‘what else’ questions that help us challenge the way things are and dream of new possibilities. 

Elsewhere Conference is an invitation to collectively imagine a new landscape for the music industry. 

Together we can envision, experiment, and explore new ideas that push artistic boundaries and nurture community and collaboration, as well as create supportive conditions and opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

(Space and tickets are limited for conference portion.)

Participating conference locations:

Norton's Brewing Company
Greater Wichita Partnership


Full programming schedule and speakers to be announced soon.

Keynote speaker: Killer Mike, alongside guest speakers from City Winery, Sony, No Depression, TikTok, Union Stage, The Orchard, and others.

Goal: Creating a hub for like-minded music workers and artists to encourage experimentation, push artistic boundaries, and nurture a culture of collaboration.

Focus on the Midwest: Welcoming music industry professionals worldwide to educate and form relationships with musicians and music workers in the historically undervalued and underserved Midwest region.

Programming: Panel discussions and workshops for artists and industry professionals to grow and learn from others.

Panel Programming: Speakers joined by a moderator in guided discussions on various topics such as mental health in the music industry, building partnership proposals, utilizing platforms for social change, building fanbases, touring essentials, and more.

Workshops: Hands-on sessions allowing participants to work alongside professionals and acquire practical skills for their careers.

Timing: Conference programming on both Friday and Saturday, with music beginning in the evening for the festival.

Networking: Daily lunchtime mixers for attendees to network, share stories, and make connections.