Chloe Lang habitually abstracts known systems such as language or structures such as the grid in her paintings. Interested in color theory and analyzing an intangible sense of place and space, Lang balances spirited and intuitive approaches to painting with reclaiming materials such as spray paint or painters drop cloth. ​

Her role as an artist is expanded through her painting practice, arts writing and career in cultural production. Chloe Lang earned her bachelor’s in fine arts in Integrated Studio Arts from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She has exhibited her work at galleries such as Modern Life Fine Arts curated by Leander Capuozzo (New York, NY), Spoonbill Books (Brooklyn, NY), Hoax Gallery and The Green Gallery East (Milwaukee, WI). ​

Chloe Lang has more than ten years of experience working in the arts and culture sector, and has held roles at The Green Gallery East (Milwaukee, WI), the Milwaukee Art Museum (Milwaukee, WI), GRIMM Gallery (New York, NY; Amsterdam, NL), Mark Arts (Wichita, KS) and is currently the the Registrar & Exhibition Director at the Wichita Art Museum (Wichita, KS).​

Connor Lang’s art practices emphasize non-traditional modes of production and material, ranging from referencing the bold audacity of Italian Renaissance painter Tintoretto to the brash movement of Dutch soccer player Xavi Simmons to hyper stimulating Smurf figurines glued to colorful functional sprinklers. The pulse through his work is at once chaotic and balanced, rooted in the history of pop art and leaning into today’s saturated content-heavy culture. ​

​Connor Lang currently has a two-person exhibition in collaboration with Leander Capuozzo on view at Forecast in Brooklyn, New York. In 2023, he collaborated with Leander Capuozzo, Manon Macasaet and Leif Jones on a window installation for Louis Vuitton New York. He has previously been included in group exhibitions at Public Access (New York) and held solo exhibitions at LAND (Kansas City, MO) and Ron Providence (Westport, CT). Connor Lang returned to Wichita in 2019 after spending ten years in Chicago and New York. ​