CEO / Founder: Cafe Momentum

Chad Houser, Founder CEO, Café Momentum, Momentum Advisory CollectiveChad Houser is the founder of Café Momentum and Momentum Advisory Collective. With 17 years of experience as a chef, Chad set out on a new culinary mission in 2012. After three years of tireless fundraising, Chad opened Café Momentum. He has since carved a unique niche at the intersection of food and social justice.Nationally recognized as a CNN Hero and one of Dallas's Best 500 Business Leaders, Chad's passion goes beyond culinary arts. In 2020, he co-founded Momentum Advisory Collective, a non-profit set on expanding Café Momentum's transformative model for youth justice across the country. To date, Chad and his team have positively influenced over 1,200 youth nationally, paving their way to a brighter future.With a heart full of passion and a visionary mind, Chad dreams big. He envisions expanding Café Momentum to new locations and sparking a nationwide conversation about a new model for youth justice. Chad Houser is a culinary expert and a transformative leader dedicated to creating a powerful and enduring social impact through his visionary endeavors.