Known as Wichita's premier post-bubble grunge band, Breeding Brainbrow has been in the
Midwest circuit for the past 3 years. With their first EP, Pillow Punk, released in 2022, Breeding
Brainbrow found themselves operating on multiple frequencies in creating an EP that was approachable but energetic, never leaving the glass half empty. This sense of urgency brought attention to their single “Rust”, which captured a feeling of orchestrated neurosis. Through this song, the band was able to form an identity that touches on artists like Pavement and Bill Withers, but has defined elements from 1980s bands like the Pixies that still identify with modern subcultures and sounds. Not only did Pillow Punk offer an opportunity for more ground level exposure with a defined collection of songs, but it also brought with it a Wichita-core following that pushed Breeding Brainbrow to be fully integrated into the city’s nightlife. Forming in 2021, Breeding Brainbrow is composed of Andrew Merkel (guitar, vocals), Brenn Craker (bass, vocals), Alex Vequist (guitar), and Kale Nickel (drums). Between Andrew and Brenn's vocals, Breeding Brainbrow creates an austere and unpredictable atmosphere, like a Sunday afternoon that transitions from lunch beers to skinny dipping in the neighborhood pool. While always on their toes but never surprised, Kale and Alex’s ability to adapt and define the band’s pulse and rifts have pushed a more eclectic spiritedness into their live shows.

In 2023, Breeding Brainbrow released their next EP, Or Do You Hate Me, which saw a departure from a more beginner's roll out. By creating a concentrated and established identity as a band, Breeding Brainbrow was able to separate themselves from basement shows and low-cost venues, instead recording in a studio and focusing deliberately on the songwriting process to lift the lid on a more refined product. Regardless, Breeding Brainbrow hasn't left their previous admiration for an autodidactic approach; instead, they have used this experience to create a larger buzz in any room with songs like “Baked Busy Broke” and “Inside Surfer”. Much to the subversion of their lyrics, “Pink flowers like to grow in places tropical / In places you can’t call home,” Breeding Brainbrow exists in places you can call home, carrying with it an abundance of playful characters to its next destination.